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**World's First AI-Powered Dog Behaviour Database Launched to Combat Dog Euthanasia Crisis**

Sydney, Australia – June 15, 2023 – In a major step forward for canine welfare, announces the launch of a groundbreaking AI-powered dog behaviour database. This innovative platform is set to make a profound impact on the escalating dog euthanasia crisis, exacerbated by returned pandemic puppies and a severe housing crisis.

As families are forced to surrender or rehome their dogs due to housing constraints, as well an influx of 'pandemic puppies' are returned by their owners, shelters are overwhelmed. Dogs with behavioural problems are particularly at risk, often being the last to be adopted., by providing free, accessible advice from a professional dog behaviourist, aims to help alleviate these issues.

"The mission of is to empower dog owners with the understanding and tools needed to navigate their pets' behavioural challenges," a representative from the platform shared. "We believe in the value of every dog's life. By reducing behavioural issues, we aim to decrease the number of dogs surrendered or euthanised, ensuring more dogs stay in loving homes."

The platform utilises artificial intelligence to provide tailored advice for diverse breeds, ages, and behavioural patterns. It incorporates a unique training methodology, focusing on leadership, respect, and guidance, all instrumental in addressing a variety of behavioural problems. is a game-changer in the animal welfare space, providing immediate and personalised advice to dog owners across Australia and beyond. By enabling better understanding and management of behavioural issues, the platform hopes to improve adoption rates, particularly for dogs with behavioural challenges, and create more harmonious homes for pets and their owners.

As part of the platform's launch and commitment to animal welfare, this vital service is being offered free of charge for a limited time. It's a lifeline for dog owners who might be considering surrendering their pet due to behavioural issues, a much-needed solution in the current dog euthanasia crisis.

About is an AI-powered platform dedicated to addressing the global dog euthanasia crisis by offering behavioural insights and targeted advice. With a vision for improved animal welfare and responsible pet ownership, is a beacon of hope in challenging times.

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George Tran, a seasoned dog behaviourist, is fuelled by an unyielding love for dogs and a commitment to responsible pet ownership. His life's work is anchored by his fervent desire to effect positive changes in the lives of countless dogs, and their human companions. Born in Vietnam in 1970, George arrived in Australia as a refugee in 1979, and without a familial background in dog training, he nonetheless developed a keen interest in canine behaviour from an early age. His journey began in Parramatta, New South Wales and has since expanded across continents.

George's quest for knowledge saw him acquire a degree in Computer Science from the University of Sydney, and later, an MBA from the University of Oregon, specialising in leadership, management, and marketing. His diverse academic foundation, combined with a successful 25-year entrepreneurial career in the United States, grants him a unique perspective in his unconventional but deeply fulfilling vocation as a dog behaviourist.

George's passion for canine welfare and rehabilitation led him to establish a sanctuary in Bargo. This facility serves not merely as a safe haven but as a beacon of hope for numerous dogs on death row due to behavioural issues. With his unique skillset, George has transformed this facility into a rehabilitation centre, where dogs, otherwise earmarked for euthanasia, are given the chance to thrive under his expert care. George's dedication sees him work tirelessly to rehabilitate these animals, providing them a new lease of life and a chance to find loving new homes.

His unyielding bond with his pit bull, Buddy, marked a turning point in George's life, instilling in him a deeper understanding of dog psychology and behaviour. This relationship served as a catalyst, strengthening his resolve to rehabilitate and rehome dogs facing behavioural challenges and further reinforcing the importance of his life-saving work in Australia.

In his upcoming book, "Beyond Treats: Nurturing a Deeper Connection with Your Dog Through Leadership," George offers a glimpse into his innovative dog training methodology. Moving away from an over-reliance on treats, George champions an approach that emphasises leadership, respect, and guidance. His ambition is to inspire dogs to obey from an intrinsic desire to please and follow their owners. His extensive experiences, coupled with his martial arts background, enrich his unique, compassionate approach to dog training.

George has also channelled his passion for canine welfare into the digital realm. His creation,, is an innovative, artificial intelligence-powered database aimed at supporting dog owners. The platform provides solutions to pets' behavioural issues, thus enabling more dogs to remain in their loving homes and reducing the rate of surrenders.

However, George's work extends beyond personal endeavours. His philanthropic spirit leads him to forge strong collaborations with rescue organisations, where he generously provides free training materials, holds seminars, and offers support. He is also committed to mentoring the next generation of dog behaviourists, training a number of apprentices who are now assisting clients across Sydney. George infuses these apprentices with his ethos of generosity, insisting that they also give back to rescue organisations and join the broader mission to prevent unnecessary canine euthanasia.

With a vision of a future where behaviourists are accessible in every community, George's passion for saving dogs and his commitment to his philanthropic causes remain his guiding principles. His unwavering dedication, passion, and enduring commitment continue to make a substantial impact on the lives of dogs and their owners. George currently resides in Bargo, New South Wales, with his wife, Carol, their cherished dogs, and the dogs they have rescued and rehabilitated, embodying his commitment to saving as many canine lives as possible.

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Interview Questions

Here are some suggested questions for you.

1. "George, what is compared to just your basic Chatgpt?"

2. "You didn't any formal education in dog training. How did your interest in canine behaviour originate and how did you navigate the path to becoming a dog behaviourist?"

3. "We've learned that you pursued a degree in Computer Science at the University of Sydney and later earned an MBA at the University of Oregon, specialising in leadership, management, and marketing. How has this diverse academic background influenced your approach to dog behaviour?"

4. "You had a successful 25-year entrepreneurial career in the United States. How did that experience shape your journey in dog behaviourism and the establishment of your sanctuary in Bargo?"

5. "Your sanctuary has been described as a beacon of hope for numerous dogs on death row due to behavioural issues. Can you share some transformative stories about the dogs you've rehabilitated?"

6. "Tell us about your pit bull, Buddy. How did this relationship deepen your understanding of dog psychology and behaviour, and how has it influenced your mission and approach?"

7. "Your upcoming book, 'Beyond Treats: Nurturing a Deeper Connection with Your Dog Through Leadership,' is much anticipated. Can you give our viewers a sneak peek into what they can expect from it?"

8. "How does your unique training methodology, emphasising leadership, respect, and guidance, differ from the conventional training methods?"

9. "You've created, an innovative, AI-powered database to support dog owners. Can you share some success stories and tell us more about how technology is helping in your mission?"

10. "You're a mentor to many new dog behaviourists. What advice do you give your apprentices as they navigate their journey in this field?"

11. "Your philanthropic work with rescue organisations is truly inspiring. Can you share more about your collaborations with these organisations and the impacts you've seen?"

12. "How do you envision the future of dog behaviourism and what role do you see yourself and your apprentices playing in it?"

Sample Interview

Radio Host (RH): Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our show. Tonight, we’re joined by a very special guest, George Tran. He’s a renowned dog behaviorist, Sydney resident, and now the creator of an innovative website, Welcome to the show, George.

George Tran (GT): Thank you for having me.

RH: George, you’ve launched right here from Sydney. What inspired you to create this AI-powered dog behavior database?

GT: As an Australian passionate about dogs and their welfare, I saw a need for a reliable source of help for dog owners. Many struggle with understanding their pet’s behavior, which can lead to unnecessary surrenders or even euthanasia. I wanted to create a tool that could help not just Australians, but dog owners worldwide.

RH: That’s commendable, George. We’re currently facing a crisis with an increase in dog euthanasia due to pandemic puppies being returned and the housing crisis. How does your Australian-born website address this global issue?

GT: It’s indeed a heartbreaking situation. is designed to provide practical strategies and techniques to help dog owners manage their pet’s behavior issues effectively. By understanding their dogs better and addressing these issues, we can potentially reduce the number of dogs being returned or abandoned, both here in Australia and globally.  Right now, dog owners resort to asking questions to other dog owners on Facebook and getting half baked answers...or having to pay large sums of money to trainers.  I want to make dog  behaviour training and rehab widely available to Australians and dog owners everywhere.

RH: That’s fantastic, George. Can you give us an example of how your website works?

GT: Absolutely. When a user visits, they can input their dog’s behavior issue into the database. The AI then provides a range of potential solutions based on my unique methodology that emphasizes leadership, respect, and guidance.

RH: That sounds like a game-changer for pet owners. How can our listeners who are struggling with their dogs use your website?

GT: It’s quite simple. Just visit and input your dog’s behavior issue. The AI will provide you with a range of potential solutions. Remember, it’s about understanding your dog better and providing them with the guidance they need.

RH: Thank you for sharing that, George. It’s clear that your website could make a significant difference in the current crisis we’re facing. We appreciate you joining us today and sharing your insights.

GT: It was my pleasure. If can help even one dog-owner relationship improve and prevent one less dog from being surrendered or euthanized, it will have been worth it.

RH: Well said, George. Ladies and gentlemen, that was George Tran, Sydney resident and creator of Let’s all do our part in making a difference for these animals. Goodnight everyone!

GT: Goodnight, and thank you.

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