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One on One


Get A Personal Behaviourist to Hold Your Hands

Sure, you can get advice and watch videos online for your dog's behaviour, but where do you go when you have questions or when things don't go as they are supposed to?

This is where our one on one coaching program can help.  Using technology, we can assist you with your dog's behaviour challenges.  You can ask one of our real practicing dog behaviourists using live video chats like Facebook messenger, Zoom, WhatsApp to discuss your specific challenges.  If you are in Australia, you can even arrange to talk to our behaviourists on the phone.

Here's What You Get

  • Unlimited Lifetime Access to DogHelp.AI Database

  • Unlimited Email and Chat access to your Behaviourist

  • Unlimited Phone access (Australia Only)

  • Video Chat with your Behaviourist

  • Dog Leadership Training Video Course

  • Advance Dog Leadership Training Video Course

  • Loose Leash Walking Training Video Course

  • Unlimited Access to All Our Training Videos 

  • Unlimited ongoing Feedback, critique and suggestions from your Behaviourist until your isssue is resolved

  • Everything you need to help you with your dog's behaviour

  • Plus a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Best Value

One on One Coaching



Personalized consulting and coaching for your dog's behaviours

Valid until canceled

Unlimited Access to our live Behaviourist

Unlimited Lifetime DogHelp.Ai Access

Dog Leadership Course

Advanced Dog Leadership Course

Loose Leash Walking Course

All Our Training Course

Video and Phone Access to our Behaviourist

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