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Welcome to the Academy

 Let’s Eliminate Dog Abandonment Together

My mission is the help every dog owner be more effective leaders and parents so that we can prevent common dog behaviour issues that may result in a dog being re-homed or abandoned.

Here are your dog leadership training modules.

A new module will be released to you one per day for the next 7 days.  I drip release these to you so as to not overwhelm you.

If you would like to access all the modules at once, you can purchase one of the behaviour modules below (and you will be supporting me and my mission).

Day 1: Learn from Dogs in Nature

Dog Corrections in nature

Pack Structure

Predators Respect Strength

Day 2:  The Structured Walk. Available on Day 2 (come back tomorrow)

Why dogs pull?

Pulling. Loose Leash Walking

Loose Leash Demo

Day 3: The Kindness Paradox. Available on Day 3

Are you in a “Kindness Paradox”?

Leadership Exercise

Day 4: Foundation Dog Leadership Training.  Available on Day 4.

How to get an obedient dog

Important First Skill for your dog

Important Dog Training Exercise

Day 5:  Understanding Dog Psychology.  Available on Day 5.

Impulse control

Reward for the behaviour you want to see

Comforting VS Correcting

Day 6:  How to Guide Your Dog to Do the Right Thing.  Available on Day 6.

Intensity Appropriate Corrections

Avoidance only makes things worse

Setting up for trainable events

Day 7: Final Parting Words of Wisdom.  Available on Day 7.

How to teach your dog how to do anything

At the dog park

Diet and Nutrition

Dog Behaviour Database

Force Free Loose Leash Training

Does your dog take you for a walk, rather than the other way around? Having your dog pull not only makes the walk unpleasant but also, if you don’t walk your dog regularly, it can lead to destructive behaviour.

In this module, I will not only show you how to get your dog to walk properly next to you without pulling, but help your dog become much more calm.

Dog/Human Leash Reactivity

Does your dog lunge at another dog or at people while you go for a walk?

Are you constantly anxious and worried that he will hurt another dog?

In this module, I will show you how I have treated hundreds of cases using a method that enables these dogs to walk calmly near another dog, often in just one session.

Excessive Barking

Does your dog constantly bark at noises, people, dogs as well as barking at the window or door when they see someone walk by?

In this module, I will show you how I help clients effectively cure their dog of this barking nuisance.

Separation Anxiety

Is your dog constantly barking when you are not home? Or launching himself violently at the crate door or being destructive when you leave him alone?

This module will show you how to fix separation anxiety.

Jumping on Guests

Does your dog jump on guests or is a constant nuisance with your guests?

This module teaches you how to quickly and easily get your dog to stop jumping on your guests.

Perfect Recall – Come When Called

Being able to have perfect recall is key to being able to trust your dog off leash. Imagine if your dog runs off to chase a cat and be able to have the ability to call them to come back.  Or imagine if they bolt out the front door, with good recall training, you can call them to come back.

Another benefit of perfect recall is being able to let them off leash in certain situations without the fear of them running off and endangering themselves.

In this module, I will show to get your dog to come reliably when you call…even when you are at a dog park.

Boundary Control/Bolting Out the door

Does your dog rush out the door when you open the door?

This module shows you how to quickly and easily train your dog not to bolt out the door.

Sibling Rivalry

Did you adopt a new dog and/or your dogs are constantly fighting each other?

This can be very dangerous and stressful, not to mention costly if a vet is involved. In this module, we will show you how to eliminate sibling rivalry once and for all.

Integrating a New Dog

Congratulations. You just adopted a new dog. How do you now integrate the new dog with your existing dog?

In this module, I will show you how to seamlessly and painlessly integrate a new dog into your existing pack.

Digging and Property Destruction

Does your dog dig or become destructive when you are not home?

This module shows you how to train your dog not to be destructive.

Treating a Hyperactive/Erratic Dog

Is your dog crazy? Just running around constantly, jumping on furniture and generally never settles down?

In this module, we will show you how to treat your dog to teach it how to be calm.

Fearful Behaviour

Is your dog very fearful? Timid to venture out in the world at large? Fearful of cars? Bikes? Noises? Refusing to walk out the front door?

This module will show you how to build your dog’s confidence.

Food Aggression and Resource Guarding

Is your dog food aggressive? He/She growls at you when you come close to her food or favourite toy?

This can be quite dangerous, especially if you have young children.

Dog to Dog Food Aggression

Do your dogs fight over food? Are you feeding them in separate rooms?

In this module, I will show you to effortlessly eliminate the stress of them possibly fighting when feeding.

Barking and Aggressive Behaviour to house guests

Does your dog bark and growl, possibly bite your guests? This can be not only annoying and can  could discourage friends and family from visiting.

In this module, I will show you how to eliminate this dangerous and annoying behaviour so your guests can feel more at ease in your home.

Aggressive to Family Members

Do you have a terrorist in your house? Is your dog is threatening and sometimes biting members of your family?

In this module, I will help you safely eliminate this  disrespectful and dangerous behaviour.

Fearful of Family Members

Is your dog afraid of your spouse or roommate? Did you just get a new dog and it is not getting along or is fearful of your spouse?

Doorbell Crazies

Does your dog go crazy every time the doorbell is rung?

Counter Surfing/Get Off the Couch

Does your dog steal food from the counter or steal the spot on the coach?

Eliminate this annoying behaviour once and for all.

Car Anxiety and Grooming Aggression

Does your dog pant, get stressed out or freak out when he/she gets in the car?

Do you have to sedate your dog to groom them?

Let me show you how to fix these issues.

Teaching Your Dog to Fetch

Teaching your dog how to fetch is one of the most useful and fun things you can do with your dog. However, fetch does not come easy for some dogs. They will often chase the ball but refuse to bring it back.

In this module, I will show you how to teach your dog to play a perfect game of fetch.

Crate Training

Being able to crate your dog properly means you can help them stay calm when they are asked to go to their crate.

This is also helpful to prevent them from being destructive when you are not around.

Toilet Training

Is your dog doing their business in the house inappropriately? This module teaches you step by step how to train your dog not to do their business in the house in as short as 7 days.

Rushing At Another Dog Erratically

If you dog rushes at another dog, it can cause the other dog to defend itself.


In this module we will show you how to teach your dog to properly greet another dog to prevent accidental fights and misunderstandings.

Chasing Skateboards/Bikes/Cars/Birds

Does your dog chase cats, bikes, skateboards or even cars? This can be very dangerous if your dog runs out of the yard or gets loose somehow. In this module, we will show you how to train your dog to be more responsive as well as how to desensitise your dog against these stimuli.

Gorging (Eating Too Fast)

Does your dog wolf everything down so fast that she/he sometimes vomits?

This module shows you how to prevent your dog from eating too quickly and gorging him/herself.

Storm/Fireworks Phobia

Does your dog freak out during a thunderstorm or fireworks?  

In this module, I will show you how to desensitise them against such fears.

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