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Stop Struggling with
Dog Behavior Issues

World's First ai Powered Dog Behaviour Database

Are you struggling with dog behaviour issues? Harness the power of AI to address your dog's behaviour.  Whether it is jumping on people, excessive barking, separation anxiety, or even aggressive behaviour issues, our fully interactive AI database can help.


The best part is, our AI database is absolutely free to use. No credit card required.

How Does It Work?

Treat DogHelp.Ai as your personal human dog behaviourist.   Just ask your dog related questions and our system will provide you with battle tested, real world solutions in real time.  You can continue to have an ongoing conversation with our AI system as if you are chatting with a real live dog behaviourist and ask additional questions to get additional clarification on any terms or concepts you don't understand.

Did we mention FREE?

For example, you can ask "how do I stop my dog from jumping on people".  And if you don't understand, just say "I don't understand point [whatever you don't understand], please explain".   


Sample Questions to Ask

  • "How do I teach my dog to not be aggressive to my guest"

  • "How do I get my dog to stop barking at people walking by"

  • "How do I stop my dog from chasing bikes, cats and birds"

About DogHelp.Ai

We are passionate about saving dogs.  We rescue dogs, rehab them and rehome dogs.  We also want to help dog owners have the most holistic and wholesome relationship with their dogs.

Too many dogs are surrendered, abandoned, or euthanized due to behavioral issues.   To address this issue, we use artificial intelligence to help you better understand your dog's behavior so that you can treat any issues effectively and avoid having to give up your dog.

Our mission is to keep dogs in the homes where they belong. We believe that education and understanding are the keys to keeping dogs in homes. By working with us, you can learn how to better understand your dog's behavior and provide them with the care that they need.


Together, we can make a difference in the lives of dogs everywhere.



Q: Is this for real?  Can I really trust this information?

A: We have worked with thousands of dogs.  We have used our knowledge and programmed our own custom version of ChatGPT to provide you with our dog specific answers.

Q: How is this different than just going to ChatGPT?

A: ChatGPT offers information that is scraped from all over the internet.  It does not offer detailed plans and customized responses designed for dog behaviour help.  DogHelp.Ai is custom programmed with hundreds of hours of training content specifically from a practicing dog behaviourist who rehab dogs for a living.  We are able to offer you additional help such as video coaching and one on one coaching.

Q: How much is this?  What's the catch?

A: The system is available for free.  We hope that by trying out our service, you might want to try some of our programs.  We have a number of programs that provide you with much more detailed and specific treatment plans to address your dog's specific behavioural needs as well as one on one coaching.

Q: I need some personal one on one hand holding with my dog's problem

A: No problem.  We are here to help.  You can simply purchase our fixed price coaching program and we will give you personalized emails and videos specific to your dog's issues as well as provide you with ongoing support and course adjustment coaching until your problem is resolved.  

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